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    Greif's Cafe

    When Fox Trot enters the store, he finds himself in a rather nice establishment. The main room is a large open area, with several tables and seats arranged, as well as a long bar with a dozen stools mounted in front of it. Behind the bar, the wall is lined with a several shelves stocked with a variety of coffees, teas, and other beverage mixes. The top three shelves, higher than the reach of a normal pony, are stocked with various brands of bottled cider. Several large old fashioned radios have been set up around the bar, plus an old art deco jukebox - all of which are off. Over to the left of the room is a staircase leading upstairs, and off on the right side of the room is a small partition, beyond which sits a small game room with a pool table and several arcade machines.

    Greif, the griffin for which the case is named, is currently cleaning off a table with a rag. The jacket-and-goggle-clad avian looks up at Fox Trot, and grins widely. "Oh hey there! My fist customer! Welcome welcome welcome! What can I get for you?" he asks jovially.
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