Ok, if his concern is that it was too easy, then no, it wasn't.

See, it shouldn't be difficult to make the character do cool/nice things. That was one of the things Tome of Battle did really, really, really well. Anything in the book that was grabbed cause it looked cool was almost certainly just that, cool. Plus, it worked more or less the way you wanted it to 8-9 out of 10 times.

People want the monk to punch things and cause them to stay down, and do it quickly while just moving all over the freaking place like something out of an action movie. they want to feel Like Neo, or Jet Li, or Chuck Norris, or Bruce Lee, or Jean Claude Van Damn. Or something out of an old Wuxia Legend. Or, yes, maybe an Anime.

And they want to be able to do this with out years of work and building up system mastery, just to accomplish something significantly less powerful then let's say, rewriting all of reality.

So, if your dealing strong damage and still have a couple of interesting tricks beyond "I walk up and hit it in the face.", particularly when that in no way helps solve the problem, and this is being done with little work on the part of the player, then your on the right track.

I know I loved just having to pick a few feats, more then half of which were easy to find, and be able to be really good at the things I wanted to be good at for the Monk I'm playing.