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    Default Re: 64 Times the Harvesting: Let's Play Harvest Moon 64

    I am kind of really enjoying Ann. Sorry, the rest of the ladies, but she's surprised me more than anyone else so far, so I'm most pleased. XD

    Also, it's because they totally do get less. I don't know why, but none of the games can really compete with 64 for character-driven content in my opinion. I'd like to say it's nostalgia goggles, but I really only discovered this playing it as an adult. I'd love to work out why -- more focus on "storyline" or content like recipes or different crops taking up focus? I dunno, but I sort of get my hopes up for every game that maybe it'll be as to-the-bone heartfelt and full as 64, and it doesn't happen every game. Fingers crossed for Land of Beginning.

    Of course, the fact that I'm adding some stuff helps, I'd like to think... But there's stuff that the timing may just be off on that I won't get to show (rival scenes that require certain affection levels at certain seasons, but when certain parties aren't married, for example), which makes me just a bit sad.... But oh well.

    As for the sickness scenes...Every girl has one, and I'll try to ensure we see them, even if I have to mess with weather to do it. It's a bit more complicated than "green heart + rain," or we'd have seen Popuri's. According to my sources, It's a specific affection value in about the middle of the green heart (or above), on a snowy or rainy day...With some other time-based conditions, too. With Ann's, it needs to be on a Sunday for some bizzare reason. Maria's has to be done when the library is closed (which means monday, or this handy stretch of time). I think Popuri and Elli just need their homes to be open. I forget what Karen's needs, but whatever this combo was works.

    This does let us know a few things about our progress that hearts alone won't do, but I'll put it in spoilers in case people don't want too much behind-the-scenes:
    Maria and Karen are both at at least 130+ affection points (it takes 120 to trigger, and the scene's worth an impressive +10 points.) Popuri was at somewhere between 104-120. Ann just hit 80 during the chapter. Elli's got no indicator one way or another (except that we might be in some trouble with her if I don't move it), but she's still somewhere between 80 and about 100. This worries me.
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