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"I'm fine. Just a bit of pain. Nothing. Don't worry." Grills didn't chuckle like he usually did. He feared the pain.

"Please don't overwork yourself...please,"
A begging tone in her voice as she put her hoof on his cheek and continued to frown with worry.

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Greif's Cafe

When Fox Trot enters the store, he finds himself in a rather nice establishment. The main room is a large open area, with several tables and seats arranged, as well as a long bar with a dozen stools mounted in front of it. Behind the bar, the wall is lined with a several shelves stocked with a variety of coffees, teas, and other beverage mixes. The top three shelves, higher than the reach of a normal pony, are stocked with various brands of bottled cider. Several large old fashioned radios have been set up around the bar, plus an old art deco jukebox - all of which are off. Over to the left of the room is a staircase leading upstairs, and off on the right side of the room is a small partition, beyond which sits a small game room with a pool table and several arcade machines.

Greif, the griffin for which the case is named, is currently cleaning off a table with a rag. The jacket-and-goggle-clad avian looks up at Fox Trot, and grins widely. "Oh hey there! My fist customer! Welcome welcome welcome! What can I get for you?" he asks jovially.

Fox Trot was a little taken aback by Greif's chipperness and kinda just stared at the griffon for a while. It was a small surprise seeing a griffon as well since Bridle Shores hasn't really seen many griffons, or at all really. "ah...hey..hello....uhm...well I'd like something to wake me up and make me feel better?" He put on a wan smile.