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Fox Trot was a little taken aback by Greif's chipperness and kinda just stared at the griffon for a while. It was a small surprise seeing a griffon as well since Bridle Shores hasn't really seen many griffons, or at all really. "ah...hey..hello....uhm...well I'd like something to wake me up and make me feel better?" He put on a wan smile.
Greif's Cafe

Greif's beak curls into a grin. "Surprised? Yeah, I know, not too many griffins in these parts. Especially ones who settle down to open up a little shop. Heh heh. So, something to wake you up AND make you feel better?" he asks. "Welllllll..." he croons, a knowing look in his eyes, "What would you say to a nice warm cup of coffee with some mocha, some whipped cream, a little shaved chocolate... and a shot of espresso," he grins wickedly. "Chocolate and caffeine. The best things in life. Aside from money and women."