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"So... you wouldn't turn away a potential eh...?" Silverpine said slowly with a smile.
"Uh...w-well, y'see...." Sandy stuttered and looked away, but the blush creeping over his cheeks told the whole story.

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"Come on Sandy, please....just let us do this, for you, and if it doesn't work out, we'll never bother you to get a fillyfriend ever again,"
She melodramatically threw herself at his leg, hoping this act would persuade him over. "You never know, it could be fun."
"Woah, hey!" Sandy backed off from the mare at his hooves. "C-c'mon Gear, cut it out, no need t'make a scene out of it." He tried helping the xanadu mare back up to her hooves. "Look; if it means that much to ya'll, an' if you really mean this'll be th' only time, then I suppose one day of datin' won't hurt." he said in resignation.

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"That sounds reasonable. Just give it a try once, and we'll see how it goes. No pressure to pick one, Sandy. You can turn down as many as you like."

Night Jewel patted Sandy on the back. "Come on, let's have some fun with this. Can you think of anypony that you'd particularly like?"
He scratched his mane awkwardly. "N-now, I don't really think of ponies much like-"

"Snow Angel of the Wonderbolts." Sandy's eyes grew wide and he blushed to his eartips. "Though considering the astronomical improbability of meeting her, ponies with similar qualities would be preferred; pegasi, mare, bright mane and coat, able to keep up with me when I go for a run, a good head on her shoulders, able to face a thunderstorm and not break a sweat, not afraid to laugh in a quiet room, can keep a good conversation, and if she's pretty on top of that, then I would be more than content."

The short stallion looked at his mouth in shock. "I...guess I have been thinkin' about that...apparently."