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Grills-Grills' Spa and Grill

Grills forced a smile. He hated her voice when she whined. It shook him to his core. "I'll try. I will try to go easy on myself."
His thoughts then turned to Garion. The way that colt gleamed at him pleadingly. So many ponies worried about him now. And Garion added to the list.
His hoof moved Gwynfillion's from his face. "We have to talk about Garion later. And us. But now I have to get back to work."

"....Very well,"
She said defeated. She leaned in, om her tippy hooves and pressed her forehead against his, her horn gently touching his. "I'll see you later, be careful with yourself." She pulled back and went over to Garion.

"You ready to go Garion?"
She asked, a little out of it.

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Greif's Cafe

Greif's beak curls into a grin. "Surprised? Yeah, I know, not too many griffins in these parts. Especially ones who settle down to open up a little shop. Heh heh. So, something to wake you up AND make you feel better?" he asks. "Welllllll..." he croons, a knowing look in his eyes, "What would you say to a nice warm cup of coffee with some mocha, some whipped cream, a little shaved chocolate... and a shot of espresso," he grins wickedly. "Chocolate and caffeine. The best things in life. Aside from money and women."
He looked at him with a tired small smile and shook his head in minor amusement. "Sure...I could try that, different from the coffee I have usually. I'm a black coffee two sugars guy myself."

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"Woah, hey!" Sandy backed off from the mare at his hooves. "C-c'mon Gear, cut it out, no need t'make a scene out of it." He tried helping the xanadu mare back up to her hooves. "Look; if it means that much to ya'll, an' if you really mean this'll be th' only time, then I suppose one day of datin' won't hurt." he said in resignation.

He scratched his mane awkwardly. "N-now, I don't really think of ponies much like-"

"Snow Angel of the Wonderbolts." Sandy's eyes grew wide and he blushed to his eartips. "Though considering the astronomical improbability of meeting her, ponies with similar qualities would be preferred; pegasi, mare, bright mane and coat, able to keep up with me when I go for a run, a good head on her shoulders, able to face a thunderstorm and not break a sweat, not afraid to laugh in a quiet room, can keep a good conversation, and if she's pretty on top of that, then I would be more than content."

The short stallion looked at his mouth in shock. "I...guess I have been thinkin' about that...apparently."

Gearstride perked up at the sound of Sandy agreeing and immediately popped to her hooves with a big smile. Now made even bigger by Sandy's confession.

"Oh Sandy.....you have pleasantly surprised me with good new material, I love ye for that,"
She laughed and gave him a playful hit on the back. "We'll find you a mare, I'm sure of it!"