A child rests peacefully, taking comfort in the knowledge that he is safe from the horrors that fester within the darkness. He is guarded by his teddy bears, who plunge into the nightmare realm that hides in every closet and beneath every bed each night, expending themselves and facing nightmares uncounted in order to keep their child-god safe.

These teddy bears gain their life from the child's emotions and imagination. A teddy bear he uses as a pillow, and cries himself to sleep on might have psychic abilities, and a knack for soothing his allies in times of despair. The teddy bear who stands watch on his night-stand might be a fierce warrior, ever-watchful and devoted.

These teddy bears risk death, despair, and insanity every night as they face their deity's darkest fears. They must rely on trust, hope, and willpower if they are to beat back the gathering shadows. They fight and die without hesitation or regret.

You may remember a project called Teddy Bear Heroes.

When TBH was still a couple of weeks old, I ran a very early pre-alpha playtest. I had a unique interpretation of the setting, which was much darker and more contemplative that what the general vision was at the time. Since my interpretation was not to be developed, I wished the project well and left to pursue other things, deciding to check out the game when it was finished.

That was never to be.

Teddy Bear Heroes is now dead. I know not why, but it seems simply to have fizzled. Although it is sad to see such a great idea never come into its own, it is also a great opportunity. I would like to turn my vision into a roleplaying game.

You may know me from the flourishing project Magic Sword: Fourth Edition Reborn. I have enthusiasm, experience, years of roleplaying experience under my belt, a knowledge and understanding of over a dozen roleplaying systems, and an enduring attention span. I cannot, however, do this alone.

I need your help.