Ideas For Mechanics

As a base, I believe that we should use the Storytelling System, which you may know from the New World of Darkness. Its sleek, easy, and consistent, as well as deeply focused on the narrative. It also only uses ten-sided dice, which makes things easier on everyone.

Other roleplaying systems that I think we should potentially draw from include: Savage Worlds, D&D Fourth Edition, D&D Fifth Edition, RISUS, FATE, and Fudge.

I also believe that we should draw from sources other than roleplaying games, most notably video games.

This may sound strange, but it might be interesting if we were to kill God of War and Shadow of the Colossus and take their stuff.

A spiritual manifestation of a child's courage in the form of a teddy bear weaves and slices its way through hordes of skittering, emaciated goblin-things. Once the battle his complete, the bear stands in the middle of the carnage, its eyes closed in a deep trance. The ground shakes and a shadow falls over the battlefield. The teddy bear opens its eyes and looks upwards into the face of a towering Cyclopean giant.

The courageous guardian hefts its blade once again and dashes between the giant's legs. It conjures a grappling hook out of its deity's mind, and then begins to aim as the towering monster awkwardly turns around. The hook flies upwards and latches on to the thing's lower arm.

The teddy bear swings through the shadow-clogged air and lands on the flailing cyclops's shoulder. It plants its bllade it the giant's neck and ascends up its head. Once on the monster's face, it plunges its blade into a giant, unblinking eye.