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Garion jumped into the wagon and nodded furiously. "Yep! Grandma Chilly showed me ice cream, I helped peel potatoes, and stirred soup, and you saw the mashing potatoes." The colt grinned as he imagined that little potato, getting smushed again and again with the hammer. "That was the best part."

"Oh my, sounds like we have a little chef in the making,"
Gwynfillion let out a short laugh as she got onto the wagon.

(Hauh, mebbe the pair might chance running into a certain dragon ;D)..heh

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Beautiful Nightmare giggled a bit. "Oh wow. It's getting late. She should probably finish up soon." she got out a bag of bits, and put it on the counter. "There, that should be the right amount for the bill and tip." she said confidently.

Spark frowned. "I...thought I was to pay for the food...I mean...I'm the colt...trying to do the gentlecolt thing...."
He was conflicted, a gentlecolt paid for the meal..but...he also had to respect what the filly would like to do. CONFLICTION. Woes.