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Leo walks behind Billy, picks up the pokeball that contains the mareep, and congratulates Nightlock quietly. Then, he turns to Billy,Well we can't just leave them here, or they'll be eaten by something nasty. We should take them to the center, where they can be healed. We can either attempt to catch them, or we can give them to Halle, who will send them to the gym leader that uses electric pokemon.

Leo releases Piri Piri, who looks dazed by the sunlight for a second. Will the two of you help me get these mareep back to the pokemon center? The two of them nodded vigorously, and together, picked up a mareep and started carrying towards the city. Well Billy, want to lend me a hand?
"Sure thing," Billy says as he hoists up one end of the remaining Mareep. Together, you all start walking back toward town. Every so often Noles will fire an ember into the air just for fun.

"I think we should give them to Halle. She'll know what's best for these two. Plus she's pretty easy on the eyes, huh?" Billy asks with a smirk.