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The man, clearly having spent almost all his remaining energy on the roundhouse kick, manages to summon enough strength to attempt to parry your blow and disarm you.

[roll0] -> "If the result is 20 or higher, the targetís attack fails and their weapon is knocked 5m away. They must spend a trainer action to retrieve the weapon. A Trainer losing a Weapon as a result of Riposte may make a check to resist losing their Weapon on a 16 or better on 1d20 adding their STR modifier"

Afterward, he calls out to his remaining pokemon. "Watch out!"

The pig's eyes widen as Thales barrels into it and the blow is enough to send the pig sprawling onto the floor. It doesn't get up.

Thales gains 390*1.2=468 EXP from the battle!
Shovel and Outlet each gain 300*1.2=360 EXP from the battle!

The man drops to his knees, his pokemon defeated and quite injured himself. His eyes are closed and his head down. "I surrender."

Your pokedex chimes in with full information on the three pokemon you just battled. (Tepig, Scraggy, and Ducklett).

Have a story reward level! Yum.
"Shovel, watch him," Pitch says. The Drilbur steps forward, long claws ready to cut the man should he move.

Pitch picks up his knife and drinks his Lemonade, just in case this guy decided to get funny.

"So," he says, putting his newly acquired blade at the man's throat. "Who sent you? And who am I important enough to that they'd send a hitman into my room?"

As he does so, he waves at Thales.

"Take his Pokeballs."