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Captain Lowe gets out a pen and paper and jots down notes while nodding as you tell him what happened. He doesn't seem particularly fazed by the part where the man suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

He does, however, react when you mention Avu. "Certainly, I'll bring the Deino to Avu once it's been properly screened. I can't think of many better places for a pokemon to be than under that man's care."

When you're finished relating your story, Captain Lowe looks to Shane to see if he has anything to add. "Do you have anything to add, young man?"

Shane shakes his head. "That's about it. But you should totally have Mister Sylum interrogate this guy! He'll break in an instant."


Captain Lowe motions for another couple of Rangers to take the criminal back through the guarded doors, presumably to some holding area. "No need to interrogate this lowly thug. He works for an organization called 'Team Ostra' which commits crimes like this all over Wuhtu. They're a big thorn in our sides as Rangers, and everyone from around here owes you boys a debt for getting this guy off the street."
Nikolas had the modesty to flush at the man's praise. "I-It was nothing. It was just a moment of self defense anyway."

It was kind of scary knowing that there were men and women out there willing to do such terrible things but he wasn't going to let something like that phase him. He had Orobas and even Loki to protect him. Which reminded him, "Sir, do you know where I could get some food for my Abra? He's really done a lot for me today and I want to thank him with a meal."