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As they make their way to the gym, Leo scans any pokemon he sees. When they reach the gym, Leo goes to get Halle. Hey Halle. Billy and I just found some wild mareep and a flaffy. I was wondering if you could send the two mareep that we didn't catch to the gym that uses electric pokemon? Also, when you have a minute, I'd like to talk with you about something.
A large catlike pokemon struts past you, eyeing the Mareep you're carrying. You scan it and and learn it's called a "Persian." Inside the gym, you see some trainers with their pokemon out. A Breloom is sparring with a Grotle off to the left, and a Hoppip is bouncing around a pair of girls as they chat.

Halle is back in her office. "Come in," she says when you knock. You see a pile of papers in front of her while she frantically fills them out. "Hey Leo, what's up? Sorry about the mess, the League has us send full paperwork on all our starter battles and the trainers who get inducted. Between you, Billy, and Bree, this is going to take a while."

She hears your story and nods. "Oh you and Billy are training together? That's really good to hear. And sure, Zayir's great with pokemon so I'm sure he'll be able to give them a good home."

Then Halle puts down her pen and looks at you, giving you her full attention. "I could use a break from all this writing. What's on your mind, Leo?"