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    Quote Originally Posted by Bad Situation View Post
    Nikolas had the modesty to flush at the man's praise. "I-It was nothing. It was just a moment of self defense anyway."

    It was kind of scary knowing that there were men and women out there willing to do such terrible things but he wasn't going to let something like that phase him. He had Orobas and even Loki to protect him. Which reminded him, "Sir, do you know where I could get some food for my Abra? He's really done a lot for me today and I want to thank him with a meal."
    You can almost see the light bulb flash on over Captain Lowe's head when he hears your question. "How about you kids grab a bite to eat here at the Station's cafeteria? I figure it's a pretty practical reward for a job well done. The door's right through there," he says, pointing to a door opposite the guarded one. "It's no luxurious dining, but we like it well enough. Just let them know your meal's on me."
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