From remarks Jim has made at various signings, I think we can deduce 2 things about the Sword of Love, Amoracchius.

1.)It likely won't be reforged. It's stood so far without being reforged, and is freaking Excalibur. I think it will keep its current shape. This is more of an inference.
2.)It will not be gifted out "permanently" (that is, to a dedicated wielder rather than a temporary bearer) until the Big Apocalyptic Trilogy. I believe Jim has either said this directly, or come so close to saying it directly it might as well be canon.

Honestly, it's hard to say who might end up with it. If we really do have to wait until the BAT, we may well have another 10 books or so, which means another 10 years at least.

Heck, maybe Maggie will end up using it! Harry might have a king somewhere in his past, or Susan (I don't think the Red King would count, since Maggie has no vampire in her). And she'd be 18 or so by the time the BAT rolls around. It'd be an interesting turn, to have his daughter possess no magic, but instead take up a Sword!

I don't think it will be Thomas. That seems too "easy". And since we've got books and books to wait, we can't be sure Thomas will even be alive; we know how much Jim likes torturing Harry!

I think it's pretty much a done deal that Murphy ends up with the Sword of Hope. And she might/should still be able to enter the fray in the BAT. She'd probably be in her late 40s or early 50s (I'm pegging her at being mid-20s in the first book), which is by no means a point where you just can't fight.