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    Quote Originally Posted by HZ514 View Post
    Stephanie nods along as you speak, genuinely interested. "That's neat. Seeing the world is one of the reasons I wanted to become a trainer too."

    She answers your question, "Yeah. Well definitely my grandparents at least. My family's pretty rich from my dad's work," she says, with a hint of embarrassment in her voice, "But that work also keeps him at the office a lot of the time. My mom works in Serenity Tower too, so I spent most of my time growing up with my grandparents. They're the nicest people you'd ever meet. Grandpa's from Orum and Grandma's from Port Tidings. They met in Elrem's berry gardens..."

    Stephanie proceeds to relate the story of her grandparent's meeting, dating, and getting married. By the time she's done, everyone's finished eating.

    "Oops, sorry for talking the whole time. I just can't tell that story enough. So it looks like we still have a bit of daylight, what would you like to do Celeste?"
    Celeste smiled. It had been interesting, even if it made her a little envious. Even with her parents always working, she still knew both them and her grandparents far better than Celeste did her own parents. "It's no problem. Um, well, we could stop by the store and buy Pokeballs to replace the ones we used. T-they should have other supplies, too, right?"
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