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    Wuhtu Pokenews at noon
    At noon every day, a news team in Xylo broadcasts a pokemon world centered radio show that is picked up by every Pokegear around the region. It's always optional to pay attention to, but you can consider this info knowledge that your character has unless you explicitly didn't/couldn't listen to a specific cast. The various timelines make a specifically timed thing like this somewhat tricky, but I'll try my best to balance these being "current" and comprehensive.

    "Hey there, Wuhtu! This is Jeffrey."
    "This is Jenny! And this is Wuhtu Pokenews at noon.
    "Well, Jenny. Today’s Tuesday, you know what that means!"
    "Of course, Jeffrey. Another Monday passed, another batch of new trainers!"
    "Righto. And we've just received the complete list of newly inducted trainers straight from the League! Care to do the honors, Jen?"
    "Sure. Let's see. We'll go west to east from south to north. Port Tidings: Mordecai Aumakua and his Totodile! Pitch...hmm, no last name here, but Pitch and his Oshawott!"
    "Oh and I'm seeing some unfortunate news from Port Tidings as well, more on that later."
    "Orum Town: Shane Lormin and his Natu! Nikolas Torel and his Abra!"
    "Looks like a duo of psychic starters this time from Avu Slyum's town."
    "Elrem Forest Clearing: Sera Jilon and her Pineco! Rulf Orgil and his Joltik! Tommy Tran and his Skorupi!"
    "A solid trio from Shea O'Riley, it looks like."
    "Wrystone Nature Preserve: Bree Vail and her Hoppip! Leo Blackwell and his Darumaka! Billy Henson and his Numel!"
    "Some good variety there, for sure."
    "Xylo Central: Celeste Noricen and her Magnemite!"
    "Looks like Miss Noricen will have to carry Xylo's torch all by herself!"
    "Mirror Mountain Base Camp: Clay Nuno and his Aron! Rose Evergreen and her Swinub! Wilfred Runnel and his Roggenrola!"
    "A very solid group of pokemon there."
    "Gateway Dojo: Thran Ziem and his Mankey! Quinn Puel and his Whismur!"
    "They must be hardy to come out of Gateway."
    "Maelstrom City: Well, it looks like no trainers managed to qualify this week."
    "Classic Brycen, beating all the would-be trainers once again."
    "Alright! We wish the best to all these new trainers.
    "Just watch out when you start traveling around. It’s a dangerous world out there!
    "Indeed. Well, that’s all for today. This is Jeffrey
    "And this is Jenny. Same time tomorrow, everyone!
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