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    Quote Originally Posted by Deme View Post
    Project 64, naturally.

    So, here's a random vote, for my own satisfaction: Let's pretend that, for whatever reason, we could marry any girl we want right now, and we were going to do so. Who would it be, and why? And who would you be most unhappy with, and why?
    I'll give you rankings instead of just first and last.

    1st: Elli. She is, well, wife material. Admittedly somewhat boring, yet a certain strength of character shines through. Lastly, this may be colored by the fact that I played Friends of mineral town, but she seems most likely to be receptive to International Woman's Day Promise X (google it if you're not familiar).

    2nd/3rd tie: Maria and Ann. They're both cute, but in completely different ways. One's very bookish and shy, while the other is outgoing and tomboyish. They're both dorks, and dorks are awesome.

    4th: Karen. Doesn't interest me too much personally. Storywise, both she and Fox have Daddy issues. Sure, that gives them a topic to bond over and makes for good plot and characterization, but having the same problem is a terrible foundation for a relationship because neither of them are in a position to help the other heal from that issue. Also, in FoMT she's pretty much an alcoholic.

    5th: Popuri. I don't even know how to express my dislike of this character. She creeps me out.
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