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    Quote Originally Posted by Kantolin View Post
    Mordecai was one of those people who's enthusiasm didn't decrease as he got tired.

    "Thank you! Can I have a single room, please? I don't need much."

    Although he then had to pause - wait, double rooms didn't have some sort of deal to encourage you to utilize them over a pair of singles? Eh, whatever - he wasn't two people anyway.

    At least totodiles didn't take up much space. Good thing he wasn't an onix-that-disliked-pokeballs or sommat.
    The man takes your money, hands you a key, and gives you directions to your room.

    You get into your room and it looks clean enough. Very plain, but everything you need. You do find an empty box of cigarettes on the nightstand, but besides that nothing is out of place.

    Also, have a story reward level!
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