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    Quote Originally Posted by CosmicOccurence View Post
    Thanks Halle, it means a lot to me. Leo then walked outside, and released the mareep, who promptly started grazing. Hi, Bleula, my name is Leo. I'm a pokemon trainer. Do you know what happened today?

    Beula looked up at him, and nodded. She knew what trainers were. It was surprising that her family had managed so long without being captured, living so close to the city and all. Plus this trainer didn't look so bad. Some pokemon told horror stories of trainers who tortured their pokemon into obedience. Also, he had an incredibly attractive munchlax on his team. Yes she could get used to working on this team.

    Glad they were at an understanding, Leo nodded. Time to go make some money. He wouldn't battle Billy again, he would lose, what with him having a pokemon much stronger than any of his. No, he'd have to find a more mundane method. Well, we better get going. and then, he and his team walked off into the town, looking for work.
    Billy waves goodbye when you walk past him, mentioning something about going to find more pokemon to catch.

    The sun is directly overhead once you get outside. It's fairly hot, but not unbearably so. The town is bustling, the day in full swing. Just on the short walk from the gym door to the center of town, you see four pokemon out with their trainers. An Archeops flies alongside its trainer, a Slowpoke lounges about while its trainer speaks to a friend who also has a Burmy on her shoulder, and an Azurill bounces circles around its trainer.

    Work won't find you by itself!
    Also, have a story reward level!
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