Illiiya Jaelrae

Ith... Illiiya gasped, short of breath. Ith, the shrine...

She was not about to assume that crossing the bridge would end the knight's pursuit. She was more than certain it would simply bear down on them and cut them down from behind. But the shrine... There had to be some reason the village had been so close to such chaos for so long and had not felt nor heard much of it. There had to be a reason they had been safe. Perhaps the human goddess had some power after all... Perhaps her blood had not been wasted after all.

At the very least, it would force the knight to fight them on food, through a narrow entrance way.

Ith. Run! She called out, breaking away from him to dart for the shrine. It seemed to be where Pieter was headed as well. At the very least, Ithelus could flee while it was taking to them. That would be enough, she told herself.