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    "Do not attempt to put a Portable Hole inside the Glove of Storing. If you do............. Stuff happens. Just like when you mix a bag of holding and a portable hole." Instructional booklet that comes with the Glove of Storing

    So you're the new recruits huh? Buncha weaklings is what you are!

    I'm Allen Ragard, the teacher at this here guild. Here you'll learn how to make the most of your Gloves of Storing. What'd you say boy?

    A Glove of Storing is useless? Wrong! Drop and give me twenty! Anyway, as I was saying.

    Most use the Glove of Storing for simple weapon storage. But it can do so much more! Imagine an entire arsenal of weapons at your fingertips, just begging to be used. Got a foe with a shield? Take your spear and pierce that thing! The foe has really tough hide? Pull out that huge greatsword of yours, and chop him up! Trying to capture the foe? Pull out your net or harpoon, and reel him in!

    Unfortunately, most don't even try to learn the proper use of a Glove of Storing, so we're still a pretty small group. But, as we've decided, it time to spread this wisdom onto others, thus why I'm here in this guild teaching you folks here today! Do you understand me?


    Dimensional Weaponeers usually come from fighters, warblades, and other martially inclined classes. Rarely, however, a spellcaster, such as a wizard, will enter, although it usually takes them longer to meet the requirements for the class.

    BAB: +4
    SKILL: Tumble 8
    Special: The character mus possess a Glove of Storing, and held onto it for at least a month.

    Class Skills
    The Class Name's class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are: Balance (Dex), Climb (Str), Concentrate (Con), Craft (Int), Jump (Str), Knowledge(History), Knowledge(Local), Listen (Wis), Spot(Wis), Tumble (Dex)
    Skills Points at Each Level: 4 + int

    Hit Dice: d10

    {table=head]Level|BAB|Fort|Ref|Will|Special |
    Class Advancement

    1st|+1|+0|+2|+0|Custom Weapons, Weapon Enhancement, Dimensional Gallery |

    2nd|+2|+0|+3|+0|Exotic Weaponry, Advancement |
    +1 of previous Class Abilities

    3rd|+3|+1|+3|+1|Feat of Weapons|

    4th|+4|+1|+4|+1|Custom Weapons|
    +1 of previous Class Abilities

    5th|+5|+1|+4|+1|Teachings of the Weapons|

    6th|+6|+2|+5|+2|Feat of Weapons|
    +1 of previous Class Abilities

    7th|+7|+2|+5|+2|Custom Weapons|

    8th|+8|+2|+6|+2|Weapon Tactics|
    +1 of previous Class Abilities

    9th|+9|+3|+6|+3|Feat of Weapons|

    10th|+10|+3|+7|+3|Custom Weapons, Weapon Assault|
    +1 of previous Class Abilities

    Weapon Proficiencies: Dimensional Weaponeers gain proficiency with all simple and martial weapons.

    Dimensional Gallery(Su): At level 1, a Dimensional Weaponeer becomes bonded with a Glove of Storing, and learns how to unlock it's true power. As long as they possess any Glove of Storing, they may store a number of weapons equal to 2 + their class levels. They may also store shields and wands in here too.

    Dimensional Enhancement(Su): Because of the number of weapons a Dimensional Weaponeer usually carries, they have found a way to keep their weapons enhanced. At level 1, all weapons they draw from their Dimensional Galley gain a +1 enhancement bonus to attack and damage rolls for the remainder of the encounter. This enhancement bonus disappears 1 round after the weapon leaves the Dimensional Weaponeer's hands. This bonus also increases by +1 every odd level after level 1. If the weapon already had an enhancement bonus, use whichever is better. Any special weapon abilities the weapon already possessed remain on the weapon.

    Custom Weapons: The weapons used by a Dimensional Weaponeer are truly unique. At level 1, whenever a Dimensional Weaponeer draws a weapon from their Dimensional Galley, they gain one of the abilities below. At levels 4, 7, and 10, they may chose an additional ability from the list below and apply it to the weapon. All special abilities last for the remainder of the encounter, and disappear 1 round after leaving your hands, provided you don't pick it up again within that time frame. Unless stated otherwise, an ability can only be chosen once. A Dimensional Weaponeer always has access to all of the special abilities below, and may assign any special ability to a weapon, regardless of what special ability was assigned to that weapon below.

    Note: Wands and Special Abilities Wands may be used with the special abilities below, however, the spell contained in the wand must deal damage, and either require an attack roll, or create a weapon that can use the special abilities below. All other wands cannot benefit from the abilities below. All special abilities with a * beside them can be applied to wands, provided they meet any requirements of the ability.

    -Thown*: The weapon gains the Throwing and Returning qualities. Wand Note: This may only be used with wands that generate weapons or make melee touch attacks. If the wand would normally make a melee touch attack, it instead makes a ranged touch attack when thrown.

    -Mystic Ammo: This weapon automatically generates ammo when being fired. Weapons that needed to be reloaded do not have to be reloaded.

    -Elemental: Your weapon now deals additional elemental damage. Chose one of the following :Acid, Cold, Electric, or Fire. Your weapon now deals an additional amount of damage on each hit equal to your highest Mental Ability Modifier (Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma) or 1 + 1/2 of your class levels (rounded down), whichever is higher.

    -Bleeding Attack*: This effect only works for piercing and slashing weapons. A foe hit with an attack from this weapon bleeds from their wound, suffering an additional amount of damage equal to your base weapon damage plus your class levels one round after being hit by an attack. A foe may only suffer this damage once per round.

    -Enormous Strength*: These weapons seem to be heaver at their tips. These weapons deal 2x your strength modifier damage for weapons wielded in one hand, and 2.5 times your strength modifier damage for weapons wielded in both hands. Wand Note: this only affects wands that create weapons. In this cast, if strength would be replaced by another ability score for attack and damage rolls, replace all references above with the said ability score.

    -Forced Shot*: Ranged weapons with this ability are easier to wield for those with strength, and use your Strength modifier instead of your Dexterity modifier for attack rolls.

    -Invisibility*: Weapon with this ability are completely invisible to everyone except you. You gain a +2 to attack rolls with this weapon, and the first time in an encounter that a foe is hit with a weapon that has this ability, they are treated as being flat-footed.

    -Burst*: Weapons with this ability are temporarily supercharged with power. On the round that a weapon with this ability is drawn from the Dimensional Gallery, it deals an additional number of d6's worth of damage equal to 1 plus 1/2 of your class levels (Of the same damage type that the weapon normally does). However, weapons with this ability disappear as quickly as they come, and are returned to your Dimensional Gallery at the end of your turn. Furthermore, they can not be drawn for the remainder of the encounter. This ability may only be applied to one weapon per encounter.

    -Weapon Growth*: Weapons with this special ability appear larger than usual. A weapon with this ability is treated as being one size category larger for the purposes of damage only. This may be chosen multiple times, to a maximum of Colossal size. Wand Note: This may only be applied to wands who create weapons.

    -Sharpened*: This ability can only affect piercing or slashing weapons. Weapons with this ability have their critical threat range increased by 2. This stacks with other abilities that increase critical threat ranges, however, this ability is only applied after all other abilities are applied. Wand Note: This may be applied to any wand whose spell deals damage other than bludgeoning damage.

    -Heavy*: This ability only affects bludgeoning weapons.Weapons with this ability have their critical threat range increased by 2. This stacks with other abilities that increase critical threat ranges, however, this ability is only applied after all other abilities are applied. Wand Note: This only apply to wands whose spells deal bludgeoning damage.

    -Shockwave*: This ability only affects melee weapons. Weapons with this ability are infused with arcane energies, releasing shockwaves with every swing. Treat the weapon as having +5ft reach, on your turn only. The reach increases by 5ft for every three class levels you possess. Wand Note: This only applies to wands whose spells create a melee weapon or makes a melee or melee touch attack.

    -Line Shot*: This ability only affects ranged weapons. Weapons with this ability extend 10ft past your target, hitting any foe behind your target. You use the same attack roll and damage rolls you used against the original target, although no precision damage can be applied to the roll for any target after the first. Wand Note: This applies to any wand whose spell creates ranged weapon or makes a ranged or ranged touch attack.

    -Burst Shot*: This ability only affects ranged weapons.Weapons with this ability allow your weapons to cause small bursts when they hit. Instead of rolling an attack roll, target a 10ft burst area. All within the area take damage as if hit by your weapon, minus any precision damage you may have done. They are entitled to a reflex save for half, with a DC equal to 10 + your class levels + the ability modifier you would normally use for the attack roll with ranged weapons. Wand Note: This only applies to wands whose spells create a ranged weapon, or make a ranged or ranged touch attack.

    -Smasher*: Weapons with this ability can ignore any unusually toughness a target possesses. Weapons with this ability ignore Hardness, and ignore one-half of the target's DR.

    -Forcing Blows*: Weapons with this ability have a great deal of force behind their attacks. All foes hit with attacks from this weapon must succeed on a Fortitude saving throw (DC = 10 + Class levels + Your Strength Modifier) or be pushed back 10ft. If this would cause a foe to hit a wall, they suffer an additional amount of damage equal to your Strength modifier.

    -Shielding Weapons*: Weapons with this ability are abnormally wide, allowing them to be used to defend their master. These weapons give their master a shield bonus equal to their enhancement bonus.

    -Supercharged*: This ability only affects wands, as noted above. Wands with this ability only use half a charge whenever a spell is cast from it. If any ability is used that would spend more charges from a wand, subtract those a normal from the number of charges the wand has. If a wand is put back into the Dimensional Gallery, then any half charges it possesses are lost.

    -Poisoned*: A weapon with this ability comes out of the Dimensional Gallery poisoned. The first foe hit by a weapon with this ability must succeed on a Fortitude save (DC = 10 + Class Levels + your Constitution modifier) or take 1d6 temporary Strength or Dexterity damage, chosen at the time the weapon is drawn. This effect lasts for a number of rounds equal to your class levels, after which it heals at a rate of 1 point a round. A foe may only be under once of these effects at a time, if the foe is his with this again, refresh the duration, and use the higher of the two damage rolls.

    -Entangling Shot*: The weapon only affects weapons that make ranged or ranged touch attacks. Once per round, when a foe is hit by a ranged attack, the ammo warps, entangling the creature. The foe must succeed on a Reflex save (DC 10 + Class levels + The Ability Score used to make the attack roll) or become entangled for 1d4 rounds. Multiple uses of this do not stack, it does, however, reset the duration. Wand Note: This only affects wands whose spells create ranged weapons, or make ranged or ranged touch attacks.

    -Spell-Bound Weapon*: Weapons with this ability are normally used by spellcaster to help their spells get past spell resistance. Every time a foe is hit by a weapon with this effect, their spell resisitance (if any) is reduced by one, to a maximum of 1 plus 1/2 of your class levels (round down). This penalty lasts for 5 rounds, although it is renewed once a foe is hit by a weapon with this effect.

    -Force Weapon*: Weapons with this ability become made up of pure force rather then steel. Weapons with this effect become force effects, dealing force damage and ignoring the ethereal miss chance that ethereal creatures normally have. Wands with spells that normally deal elemental damage now deal force damage.

    -Phasing Assault*: This ability cause weapons to partially fade into the ethereal, allowing them to ignore some of an opponents armor. Foes with an Armor or Shield bonus are halved versus weapons with this ability. This only affects wands who generate weapons.

    -Friendly Shield*: This ability only affects shields or weapons with the Shielding Weapon ability. The shield generates a magical shield around allies within 10ft of yourself. All allies within this effect gain half of your shield bonus.

    Exotic Weaponry(Ex): Those who use the Dimensional Gallery learn to use many weapons. They may either become proficient with one exotic weapon of their choice, or gain the ability to take 10 on UMD checks with wands only.

    Advancement(Ex): Dimensional Weaponeers come from all different backgrounds, and don't forget their previous abilities. Chose one of the abilities below. Starting at level 2, Dimensional Weaponeers may add 1/2 of their class levels to their previous class for the ability chosen.

    {table=header]Ability | Restrictions
    Soulbinding | Counts towards binder levels for abilities, level, and number of vestiges bound. And for the binding check to bind them.
    Spellcasting | Only for caster level, spells per day, and spells known.
    Mysteries | Only for caster level and mysteries known. Mysteries still change into spell-like or supernatural abilities when appropriate.
    Invocations | Only for caster level and invocations known. Eldritch blast and similar abilities do count as invocations, however this does not advance breath effects.
    Breath weapon(s)| This advances every breath weapon you have, at the same rate you previously had. If you possessed breath effects, this advances those too.
    Meldshaping | Only for Meldshaper level, essentia, Soulmelds shaped and bound.
    Truenaming | Advances all utterences known from all types, and absolute limit (if possessed).
    Hexblade’s Curse | Save DC and penalties are advanced. This also advances any variations due to fixes, see the Teachings of the Weapons ability for examples.
    Familiars| Treat as original class for Familiar bonuses.
    Animal Companion | Treat as original class for animal companion bonuses.
    Rage | Advances rage bonuses and uses per day.
    Unarmed Strike | Advances unarmed strike damage.
    Aura | Advances Aura(s) bonus
    Bardic Music | Advances bonuses, new songs known, and number of uses per day.
    Spellshaping | Advances shaper level, formulas known, and formulas readies (or granted).
    Maneuvers | Advances Initiator level, number of maneuvers known and readied (or granted), and stances known.
    Favored Enemy | Advances Favored enemy bonuses and for gaining new favored enemies.
    Combat Style | Advances feats gained from Combat Style.
    Bonus Feats | Treat as previous class levels for gaining new bonus feats
    Turn/Rebuke Undead | Treat as previous class for turning level.
    Sneak Attack | Treat as previous class for number of sneak attack (or skirmish or sudden strike) dice rolled.
    Psionics | Treat as previous class for manifester level, power points, and powers known.
    Ki Pool | Treat as previous class for amount of Ki in Ki Pool. This also advances the Ghost Step, Ghost Strike, Way of the Elements, and Ki Strike class features, if possessed.
    Limit Break | Treat as previous class for number of limit breaks known, and maximum amount of points stored in pool.
    Inspiration Points | Treat as previous class for number of Inspiration points possessed. This ability also advances the Arcane Dilettante class feature, for the highest spell level cast and number of spells per day, if the class feature is possessed.[/table]

    DM Note: There are many homebrew systems not included in this, if a player has a hombrew system not covered by this, then you can work with the player to determine what exactly is advanced.

    Feat of Weapons(Ex): Dimensional Weaponeers have learned little tricks to making the most of their weapons. Whenever you draw a weapon from your dimensional gallery, choose one of the columns below. You benefit from the feat group listed in that column as long as you wield that weapon. You do not need to meet a feat's prerequisites to gain it's benefits. The name of the column is what type of weapon it is normally used for, although it does not have to be used that with particular weapon(s). None of these feats count towards the prerequisites of other feats or classes. In addition, you can only benefit from one of these columns at a time, even if you have more than one weapon out. This ability improves at levels 6 and 9, giving you access to the higher level feats of each column (still only one column at a time).

    {table=head]Level|Two weapons|Two-handed|Ranged|One-handed|Sword and Shield|Wands

    3rd|Two-Weapon Fighting|Power Attack|Precise Shot|Spring Attack|Shield Specialization|Reckless Wand Wielder

    6th|Improved Two-Weapon Fighting|Leap Attack|Rapid Shot|Bounding Assault|Improved Shield Bash|Wand Mastery

    9th|Greater Two-Weapon Fighting|Cleave|Manyshot|Rapid Blitz|Agile Shield Fighter|Double Wand Wielder

    Teachings of the Weapons(Ex & Su): By level 5, a Dimensional Weaponeer has learned to combine their previous class abilities with their Dimensional Gallery. Chose one of the class abilities below, this must be an ability your previously possessed. You gain all benefits of that particular ability, however, once chosen, this ability may never be changed.

    Soulbinding(Su): All weapons drawn from the Dimensional Gallery are empowered by the Void, giving them the Ghost Touch ability. Furthermore, as they draw a weapon from their Dimensional Galley, they may select one Vestige that they have not bound for the day. That Vestige is bound to the weapon, requiring no binding check. You may then select one ability the Vestige would normally grant, you gain the benefits of this ability for the remainder of the encounter. After the encounter, the bind ends. This ability may only be used once per encounter.

    Spellcasting(Su): All weapons drawn from your Dimensional Gallery gain the Spell Storing special weapon ability. Furthermore, whenever you draw a weapon from your Dimensional Gallery, you may store a spell in the weapon as a free action by sacrificing a spell slot whose level is at least one half (rounded up) the level of the spell stored.

    Meldshaping(Su): Whenever you draw a weapon from your Dimensional Gallery, you may temporarily sacrifice the effects of any soulmeld you have shape, and gain the affects of the following. The soulmeld warps into a copy of the weapon drawn, made up of pure incarnium. Whenever you may any sort of attack with the weapon you drew, you may make an attack with this weapon as a free action. The weapon deals the base damage of the weapon draw, plus the Dimensional Enhancements class ability. Any ammo needed for the attack is automatically generated. This attack does not need to target the same foe who was attacked. Furthermore, by investing essentia, you gain the use of your custom weapons class ability. For every essentia invested, this weapon gains one custom weapon ability. The cap for essentia invested is the normal for soulmelds at your character level, and cannot be enlarged by any means. Should the weapon drawn by dropped, this incarnium weapon also disappears. Should the weapon be thrown, however, it disappears one round later.

    Mysteries(Su): Whenever a foe is dealt damage or affected by a mystery, a small portal is opened through their shadow, through which you can attack. For 5 rounds after a foe is harmed or affected by a mystery you cast, you may attack it will melee weapons freely, even if the foe would normally be out of range (as long as it is still within 50ft). These attacks travel through an opponents shadow, even if he is not currently casting a shadow, for the connection through the plane of shadows is strong. The attack ignores 1/2 of an opponents Dexterity modifier to AC (Min 0), due to the unique angle the attack comes from, and deals an amount of bonus damage equal to the level of the mystery used to trigger this affect (Min 0).

    Aura(Ex or Su): All allies affected by any current aura(s) you are projecting have the bonus(es) granted by the aura increased by 1. Furthermore, chose one ability from you Custom Weapon class ability that you are currently benefiting from. All allies affected by your aura(s) gain the benefits of this ability, as long as the weapon they are currently wielding would normally be a valid target of the special ability. The affect chosen can be changed as a move action.

    Bardic Music(Su): Any weapon you draw from your Dimensional Gallery gains the benefits of the Harmonizing special weapon ability. You may also start another Bardic Music affect while the Harmonizing weapon carries a Bardic Music effect, however the second Bardic Music requires 2 Bardic Music uses to take effect instead of the normal amount, and halves the amount of rounds the Harmonizing weapon can carry the effect.

    Breath Weapon(Su): Once per round, whenever you make an attack with a weapon from your Dimensional Gallery, you may emit a wave of energy as a free action. This wave of energy damages all within 5ft of yourself, dealing 1d4 damage (of the same type as your breath weapon, if you have multiple chose one each time this takes effect) for every 1d6 damage you breath weapon would normally deal. A Reflex save (DC = 10 + Class levels + Constitution modifier) halves the damage.

    Truenaming(Su): You get a +2 bonus to all Truespeech skill checks. Furthermore, once every 5 rounds, as a free action, you may say the Truename of your weapon as a free action to in order to increase the damage that weapon deals on its next attack equal to a Truespeack check made as part of this free action.

    Spellshaping(Su): You gain the Spellshape Channeling class feature of the Spellshape Champion, with the following changes. This ability may be used with melee or ranged weapons. Furthermore, it benefits from all enhancement bonuses and special abilities (including abilities from the custom weapon class feature) that the weapon had. Replace the base weapon's damage with the amount of damage that would normally be dealt with a normal spellshape attack. If the character was already a Spellshape Champion with the Spellsoul weapon ACF, you instead gain the following benefits:

    All of your weapons from your Dimensional Gallery count as Spellsoul Weapons. Unlike normal, count all of your class levels in this class as Spellshape Champion levels for determining the bonuses gained from your Spellsoul weapon. In addition, once per encounter, you may activate an ability gained from your Spellsoul weapon without sacrificing a readied formula, instead use the level of your highest level formula readied to determine the benefits gained.

    Maneuvers(Ex): Any weapon drawn from their dimensional gallery is treated as if it was a discipline weapon for all of the schools they possess maneuvers in. Furthermore, the weapon gains the Martial Discipline special ability, of one school of their choosing. If the weapon already possesses the ability, it instead must be a Martial Discipline weapon of a different school. Finally, once per encounter, they get this ability to unleash an assault on their foes, and use 2 strike maneuvers as a full-round action. Each strike, however, must have an initiating time of a standard action or less. Furthermore, the maneuvers must be one level less than the highest level of maneuver than you have access to.

    Improved Unarmed Strike(Ex): You may now treat any weapon drawn from your Dimensional Gallery as a special monk weapon. Also, whenever you hit with a weapon drawn from your Dimensional Gallery, it deals an additional amount of damage equal to your unarmed strike damage. Also, if you have the Flurry of Blows class ability, you may use this feature with any weapon drawn from your Dimensional Gallery. If you did not possess this class ability, you may use the Flurry of Blows class ability as a level 1 monk. Anyone with the Improved Unarmed Strike feat can gain this class ability.

    Combat Style(Su): Anytime you draw a weapon from your Dimensional Galley, chose one special ability (or unique ability) from any weapon within your Dimensional Gallery. As long as the weapon drawn can benefit from the ability or otherwise qualifies for it, it gains the use of the said ability.

    Rage(Ex): Whenever you have your Rage class ability activated, you gain an additional bonus to your strength equal to 1/2 of your class levels (minimum 1). Furthermore, while under the affects of your Rage class ability, you may spend an additional use of your Rage class feature to double your Strength score (including your Rage bonuses) for the purposes of damage rolls with weapons drawn from your Dimensional Gallery for 1 round.

    Favored Enemy(Su): You gain Blinsight 30ft, but can only detect those who qualify as a Favored Enemy that you have selected. This portion does not rely on scent or sight, and cannot be hampered in any way except by abilities that would prevent supernatural abilities from working. Furthermore, increase you bonuses vs favored enemies by 1, as long as you have a weapon drawn from your Dimensional Gallery.

    Bonus Feats(Ex): You deal an additional amount of damage equal to your class levels for any weapon drawn from your Dimensional Gallery. Furthermore, if you possess any feat which requires the Weapon Focus feat, all weapons from your Dimensional Gallery benefit from the feat.

    Sneak Attack (Sudden Strike)(Skirmish)(Ex): You can now sneak attack oozes, constructs, and undead freely, dealing your full sneak attack/sudden strike damage. The weapon also helps guide you to the foe, giving you an insight bonus to your attack rolls equal to 1/2 of your class levels (rounded down).

    Turn Undead(Su): You benefits from the protection from evil spell while wielding a weapon from your dimensional gallery, except the deflection bonus is increased by 1/2 of their class levels (rounded down, Minimum 1). Furthermore, your weapons drawn from your Dimensional Gallery benefit from the Holy and Holy Surge abilities, except the number of times per day is in between all of your weapons, and does not apply individually between each weapon.

    Invocation(Su): A number of times per day equal to 1 plus 1/2 of your class levels (rounded down), you may use an invocation as a free action (including your Eldritch Blast) when you hit a foe with a weapon drawn from your Dimensional Gallery. Furthermore, any foe you strike with the said weapon is weakened against your invocations, and suffers a -2 to saves and -5 to SR (if they have any) to any you use invocation use against the foe stuck by the end of your next round.

    Animal Companion(Su): Your animal companion gains the same benefits from the Custom Weapon ability that you possess, if at least one of their weapons qualify for the special ability. You can also qualify for this ability if you possess the Wild Cohort feat.

    Arcane Channeling(Su): Whenever you use their arcane channeling ability as a Standard action, you get an additional attack, and treat the attack as a full-round attack for abilities such as haste, speed, and any other ability that only activates with a full-round attack. Furthermore, any spell you channel through your weapon with your Arcane Channeling class ability is empowered, meaning that any dice cap on any spell channeled is increased by 1 per 2 class levels.

    Hexblade Curse(Su): Any foe hit with an attack from a weapon drawn from your Dimensional Gallery suffers a -1/2 class levels (rounded down) penalty to saving throws versus any of your abilities/spells! Furthermore, you add your Charisma modifier to damage rolls with your weapons against foes who are cursed! Also, the following variations qualify for this ability: (read: Fixes and Retoolings).

    Ki Pool(Su): Once per encounter, as part of drawing your weapon, you gain an additional amount of Ki equal to the enhancement bonus of the weapon. In addition, by expending a Ki point as you attack, all attacks you make for that round damage an additional opponent within 5ft of the original foe struck. Use the same attack roll for both, and only apply precision damage (if any) to the original foe. Any other damage is done to both foes.

    Limit Break(Su): You may add one-fourth of the damage done with any weapon drawn from your Dimensional Gallery to your damage pool. It has to be an actually threat to work , with a Cr equal to your character level -3 at least. For every 5 points in your damage pool, you gain a +1 morale bonus to attack and damage rolls with your weapons!

    Familiar(Su): You lose your familiar, and in turn, your Dimensional Gallery becomes your familiar! It becomes an Intelligent Item, roll 3d6 for its intelligence, wisdom, and charisma scores (Minimum 8 for each). Furthermore, it gains blindsense 30ft, and otherwise acts as a normal familiar. Furthermore, any weapon you draw from your Dimensional Gallery is infused with more power than most, and gains the additional benefit of an ability from their Custom Weapon. This additional ability only lasts for half of the normal amount of rounds. If the familiar should be lose or destroyed, you do not lose experience points like normal, and may instead bond with a new Glove of Storing by spending a day to meditate on it.

    Rebuke Undead(Su): You are now healed by one-forth of the damage dealt by any damage from your Dimensional Gallery. In addition, you may spend a Rebuke Undead attempt as a free action when making an attack with a weapon from your Dimensional Gallery. This attack, if it hits, deals an additional 1d6 damage per class level.

    Psionics(Su): While you are Psionic Focused, all attacks made with weapons from your Dimensional Gallery deal force damage instead of the normal damage type they deal. Furthermore, as an immediate action, you may expend their Psionic Focus to instead either:
    -Gain a deflection bonus to AC by an amount equal to the enhancement bonus gained from the Dimensional Enhancement class ability. OR
    -Double the damage dealt from one attack from a weapon from your Dimensional Gallery. The damage dealt is still force type damage.

    Inspiration(Ex): You gain an additional amount of Inspiration points equal to 1/2 of your Dimensional Enhancement bonus. Furthermore, as long as you possess at least one Inspiration point, you gain your Intelligence bonus to attack rolls.

    Weapon Tactics(Ex): By level 8, you have become a wrecking force in the battle field, and can change your tactics with but a moments notice. Whenever you draw a weapon from your Dimensional Gallery, chose one of the feats listed below. You gain the benefits of the feat as long as you are wielding the weapon drawn. You may only benefit from this ability once, even if you later draw a weapon (although you could change the feat by drawing that second weapon).

    Improved Disarm
    Improved Trip
    Combat Expertise
    Weapon Finesse
    Crushing Strike
    Driving Attack
    Slashing Flurry
    Ranged Disarm
    Ranged Pin
    Combat Reflexes

    Weapon Assault(Su): Even as you advance past this class, you are able to still improve your abilities gained. In any of the abilities listed above, you may chose to replace any reference to your class levels as instead being 1/2 of your character level, as long as the value would be higher than your class levels.

    Furthermore, once per day, you may make a full on attack against your foes. You may make one attack (or cast one spell if using wands) with each weapon (or wand) from your Dimensional Gallery. The Custom Weapon abilities, and any feats normally gained when drawing a weapon from your Dimensional Gallery can be different for each weapon. Even if you would normally provoke an attack of opportunity from any attack (or spell) used with this ability, you do not provoke attack. These attacks can be made against any foe within ranged, and may be split up between multiple foes. However, due to the strain needed for this ability, you become fatigued for the remainder of the encounter.

    All Dimensional Weaponeer are obsessed with weapon, no matter what background they come from. They are often seen traveling place to place in search of rare or unique weapons, such as legacy weapons. When they are not searching for weapons (rarely), they usually serve as mercenaries.
    Combat: Each Dimensional Weaponeer is unique, and usually fights differently than the previous one. However, all rely on their previous class abilities in addition to their weapon abilities gained from their Dimensional Gallery.
    Advancement: Dimensional Weaponeers usually come from one of the many martial classes, such as Fighers, Warblades, and the like. After completing this class, they usually continue with that class or go into a PRC that continues to advance the abilities of that class. Rarely, however, will you see a Dimensional Weaponeer who attempts to combine different classes, as the loss of the main abilities of the classes is usually too much.
    Resources: It is not uncommon for members of this class to be involved in guilds or other groups of warriors, since it's easier to find rare weapons when you have help. For these people, they usually have at least a few people that they can rely on, whether it'd be for information or help. However, for those without these groups, they have little to nothing to rely on, other than their Dimensional Gallery.

    "Hey, weren't you just using a big huge sword?" Grum, an Orc Fighter attacking a Dimensional Weaponeer

    Dimensional Weaponeers know there is but one thing they can rely on in their travels. Their weapons. Not some fancy spell, nor some out-of-this-world supernatural ability, only their weapons. They dedicate themselves to finding the best weapons of the world, and customizing them with but a moment's notice, thanks to their Custom Weapon ability.
    Daily Life: Dimensional Weaponeers rarely stay in one place for too long, usually favoring travels for more weapons. So do become bodyguards in exchange for weapons, or sell swords for money (to buy more weapons). To most people, they're just another type of magical fighter. But to those who truly know the Dimensional Weaponeers, they are much more than a fighter.
    Notables: Dimensional Weaponeers were hardly ever heard of, until Zekon, the Blood Sword, took on an entire army by himself. He had be one of the more famous mercenaries at the time, and was known for his extreme loyalty to any contract he took. One day, he was hired by the king to stand with his disorganized army against invaders from the neighboring country of Arndul. Unfortunately, due to a miscommunication error, Zekon was the only one at the meeting point, while the rest of the army was down south too far. And so he stayed, and waited for the army of 500 to come upon him. It's been said that it rained weapons all day during the battle. Zekon did die that day, due to extensive injuries, but not before decimating the entire army to around 50 people. Due to his efforts alone, the country was saved from the invaders, and is now often hailed as a hero.
    Organizations: The Wall of Weapons is an organization dedicated to the art of the Dimensional Gallery, and gladly takes on new students, regardless of their background or personality. It makes money by having their members become mercenaries for neighboring countires.

    NPC Reaction
    People are often indifferent to Dimensional Weaponeers, even after learning about what they can do. NPC's should treat Dimensional Weaponeers as they would treat mercenaries.

    Dimensional Weaponeers can usually be expected to changed their tactics with a moments notice in battle, thanks to all of their different class abilities. However, their reliance on a single item could be a weakness exploited by the DM. Furthermore, they can be expected to be outpreformed at any one task by one who is specialized in a specific roll.
    Adaptation: Rather than being a general weapon hunter or mercenary, a Dimensional Weaponeer could be looking for a specific group of weapons, such as the nine swords in the Tome of Battle.
    Encounters: Dimensional Weaponeers can be expected to be encounter in one of two main ways. Most of the times they will be encountered as mercenaries, hired to deal with the PCs or available for hire by the PCs. They may also be encountered when the PCs possess a rare or unique weapon, in which case the Dimensional Weaponeer would most likely try to take the weapon.

    Sample Encounter
    Give an example of how one might encounter a member of this PrC.
    EL x: Give the encounter level and description of a sample member of this class and a stat block for him/her.

    Init +0, Senses: Listen +, Spot +,
    AC , touch , flat-footed ()
    hp ( HD)
    Fort +, Ref +, Will +
    Speed ft. ( squares)
    Base Atk +, Grp +
    Atk Options
    Combat Gear
    Spells Prepared
    Supernatural Abilities
    Abilities Str , Dex , Con , Int , Wis , Cha
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