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Nikolas wordlessly eats his meal and nods at Shane in agreement. With Orobas sitting by his side, he releases Loki for good measure. According to the Pokedex the ghost Pokemon did not require food, but it was probably a good idea to let the Pokemon breathe every once in a while. Being cooped up in those Pokeballs all day probably wasn't very much fun.

When he is finished chewing he responds to Shane, "Yes, it has been quite a day." Without expanding on his statement, Nikolas stands and makes to leave the Ranger Station. He still needed a place to sleep and he somehow doubted that his father would take too kindly to he and his Pokemon. They would need some rest if they were going to be heading to the next city by tomorrow. Hopefully the Pokemon Center had some rooms available.
Your Gastly does enjoy getting outside of his Pokeball for a bit, and flies all around, exploring the new area.

Shane waves goodbye as you take off, mentioning that he'd stick around and chat with some of the rangers. "See you around, Nikolas!"

When you get into the pokemon center, the nurse greets you. "Hello there, how many I help you?"