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    Quote Originally Posted by Kantolin View Post
    Sleep was well appreciated.

    Mordecai had been trained to sleep in the wild. Thus, even in calmer quarters he was trained to sleep lightly, remain alert to sounds, and be aware of potential dangers.

    He was, however, out like a stone, holding firmly onto his totodile the way a child would hold onto a teddy bear. That is to say, tighter and tighter and tighter as the sleep went on. Finally, quite done with this, the totodile bit his arm, awakening him and abruptly.

    Still, the overall resting period was good. Mordecai was rejuvinated, and ready to go!

    "Feeling good, Kamoho?!"

    "Dile!" The Totodile clamped his jaws together, as the two stepped out of the hotel to witness the rising sun.

    "Hopefully we'll find more things to bite soon. Which reminds me! We now also have a third friend to meet!"

    With Kamoho standing near, out came a pokeball - complete with starly. Mordecai knelt, smiling. "Hello! I'm Mordecai." He reached one hand forward. "I'm looking forward to - " He began, when the bird slammed into his chest, knocking him backwards.

    "YEOW!" And amidst his shout of pain, Kamoho reacted - biting the bird fiercely who -


    "...I need to think a little bit before I try that again." Grumbled Mordecai, after stepping out of the pokemon centre. He released the pokemon again, more cautious this time. "Don - "

    But this time, the starly gave a happy chirp, fluttering back and forth a bit. It then flew at Mordecai again - causing the trainer to cringe - but it was a happy reaction more than an aggressive one.

    "...huh." And then it was flying small circles around him. "So... was that just playing?"

    Another happy chirp, and the starly was on his shoulder. He lightly stroked the bird's feathers. "You seem pretty happy with me." He commented, elicting another chirp - and an annoyed growl by Kamoho. It was just /yesterday/ that the totodile was gnawing constantly on his arm, now he's being jealous that another pokemon is sitting on his shoulder?

    "Okay! That match yesterday shows that we still need to spend a little time in practice before we head to Orum. Fortunately for us, there should be tons of wilds nearby."

    He shifted his shoulder, causing the starly to fly off it, and replaced the starly with a totodile. The starly didn't particularly mind - winging circles around the pair, either ignoring or ignorant of Kamoho's glare.

    "Phew. Let's continue to keep away from water for a bit more - focus on trees for a bit."

    And with that, away he walked.
    You walk amongst the trees, where the sounds of pokemon cries sound both different and closer. Before long, you see a flash of yellow run past you and then a yell of "Chu!" come from nearby.
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