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Pitch looks at the man. He had made a point, and a good one at that. If anybody in this city was going to send somebody after him, it would be Leia. Calling the police would be risky, very risky, but if Leia had called him in the first place.....

"Thales. End this." Pitch says, the Oshawott leaping forward to cut the man down with an Aerial Ace.

Pitch sprays Shovel with a Potion and pulls out a Fresh Water. He pours it over the man's back, hopefully patching up Thale's attacks a bit.

He pulls out his Pokegear and dials the local police number.

'Uh, hello?" he says, when they pick up. "Yeah, a guy just appeared in my hotel room and tried to steal my Pokemon. I don't know if this is a thing you guys normally handle, but, yeah."

As he is doing this, Pitch tries to redress the man, glad he stripped the man before having Thales cut him up.
The water is able to close up the wounds relatively well, but not so much that they disappear entirely. A knowing eye would still be able to figure out what happened, given some time to examine him.

The Ranger who answers is nice enough. "Hello, Sir. Oh really? That's quite unfortunate, we'll send over some Rangers immediately to take the man away. The Triangle, I'm guessing? They should get there in a few minutes."