You know? The storyteller system actually isn't that good at narrative-based games.

I would suggest either looking at Wushu (for if you want the game to be really, really fast paced when it comes to combat, which looks to be the focus (judging by the original thread)), or at something like Mascot-tan, Magical Burst, or even maybe Black Hole Girls...

A quick run-down of the ones that I think would work:

Wushu- Is very suited for this kinda thing; just rename Chi as Bravery, allocate traits, and bam, you got it down. Not suitable if you actually want the game to be something bulky, really.

Black Hole Girls- I only mentioned this game for one reason. Namely, in BHG, you play as a 12-year-old girl with a pet alien supermonster. The thing is, you roll different sized dice based off of who has more control in the relationship, the girl or the monster.

There is a dice distribution that looks like this:

When you start, you pick for one side to use 1d6s and the other to use 1d8s. Through-out the game, you adjust the dice sizes along the scale; if you increase one side by one step, then the other drops by a step, and vice versa.

Where am I going with this? You can have a similar mechanical back-and-forth between the teddy bears and the monsters; it would make for a good "oh crap" moment for the players, at least, when the dice they are using drop from d8s to d6s, or worse, when the child they are guarding starts having a nightmare. Or, maybe tie it to the time of night, so that your strategy has to shift through-out the night...

Mascot-Tan: What, it has a rock-paper-scissors based resolution system, and is generally adorable; what's not to love? More seriously, the uses for moe that it has could be mined for the teddies, mainly because it seems like they share a very similar mental space, as it were.

Magical Burst... I mainly like it because it has a very neat monster generation system that can be mined for ideas.

Did I mention that all of the above are free, or have free versions? So, yeah, they are much easier to get a hold of to examine.

And if you would like me to explain why the storyteller system is bad for actual storytelling, I will elaborate.