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    Pieter had dared to believe it, yet he was surprised all the same: Shallya really was with them. He did not know if it made any difference; perhaps it would only give them false hope, as the knight clearly did not intend to let that stop him. Still, the initiate welcomed any kind of hope.

    I'm sorry, Shallya, for bringing violence to Your shrine. Please have mercy on me.

    He drew his shortsword with his right hand and his dagger with his left. This was not the way he had expected to die, but then again, he had never given much thought about his death. He felt as he had in Morsleek's lair, when the sorcerer decided he no longer needed his prisoner alive. No talking his way out, no escape, no surrender. He could only fight - and most likely die. There was some grim satisfaction to be had in running out of options.

    "It was foolish to come in here, Illiiya," the Ranaldite murmured with some regret but no reproach. "I was hoping to give you a head start."
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