Being among the trees felt pretty refreshing. Not for any particular reason either - he just felt increasingly comfortable as he walked.

This could itself be dangerous to a ranger, but hey - he couldn't help but relax a little bit. He did notice, however, that Kamoho was getting increasingly antsy - too much more of this and he'd demand Mordecai's arm. Sigh. Was this something all pokemon trainers had to deal with, or was Kamoho special?

He couldn't help but grin at that. Probably the latter.

The immediate sounds of a pokemon jerked him to attention - and he noticed, slightly idly, that Kamoho also turned. He then noticed that his starly distinctly did /not/ turn.

"Hm. Return!" No sense starting something before he was ready - he knew Kamoho would at least listen to him before going and biting.

"Kamoho, did you see that?" Pokedex in one hand, Styler in the other, totodile on his shoulder, he headed in that direction - keeping an eye out, however, as he gets the feeling the small thing may have been running from something.