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Figuring that he was already caught, Nikolas retrieves his Pokedex to scan the two Pokemon before entering the lobby to sit down. It was starting to get late, meaning the cots were either filled with sleeping trainers or filled with not-so sleeping trainers. Either situation was hardly ideal for what he planned to do next.

The events of the day had proved just how little he actually knew about Pokemon and if he wanted to avoid any poor battle decisions he would need to focus his efforts on studying Pokemon Battling. Laying his Pokedex on his lap, he set it to automatically cycle through type information pertaining to ghosts and psychics. He would need to teach himself the basics that the other trainers already knew, the battle with Shane was simply luck working out in his favor. A more competent trainer likely would have realized his normal-type attacks were ineffective against ghost types. While studying, he withdraws parts from his bag and sets his skilled hands into auto-pilot, wordlessly assembling and piecing together parts to create Poke Balls.

Create 1 Great Ball - 300 Poke
Upgrade Memento Ball into Ultraball - 400 Poke
Your focused studying and less focused tinkering keeps you occupied for quite a while. It does pay pretty solid dividends, though. You learn a lot about pokemon battles and create some better Poke Balls. When you're done doing that, you can see on your Pokegear that it's gotten fairly late.