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Leo scratches his head. Well if you've been at it for a month, I'd rather you not use your strongest pokemon, or it'd be kind of pointless, and I'd rather not have any deaths. Otherwise, I'd like to request no flying, digging, or swimming, as none of my current pokemon have those abilities. Sound like a plan?

Bryce ... If she beat him, then I know she's no softie. I should be prepared to lose this battle, but it'll be a good lesson to my pokemon before they get overconfident.
Karin nods and assents to all your stipulations. "Works for me. I'll try out some of the newest pokemon I've caught." She pulls a trio of pokeballs and looks at you. "Three pokemon, single battle sound good?"

She releases a Fraxure next to her. "He likes to watch me battle when he won't get to join in!"