"Looks like they're ambushing that yellow thing."

Pokedex beeping, Mordecai did notice that the yellow thing - a 'chu', right? C'mon pokedex, be faster! "That looked like a pretty strong hit, but it's still surrounded, outnumbered, and being attacked. Kamoho - let's help the chu!"

Out came the styler in his other hand, as his totodile tensed. And, as Mordecai swung forward, Kamoho leapt under it - in what was /almost/ teamwork! His bite, this time, seemed to have a bit more certainty in it than it did before.


Kamoho will move to E6, and use his new rage move to whack M4, figuring he's about to be savagely beaten for his impunence!

Attack roll: (1d20)[4]
Damage roll: (1d6+10)[14]

Mordecai will stay put and attempt his styler against the paralyzed and damaged M3
Restraining roll: (1d100-20)[-11]

Also, in case it needs to be stated, Mordecai is targetting Kamoho with both his "Faster" and "Stronger" coach abilities. ^_^