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Rubbing the sleep out of his eyes, Nikolas climbs out of his cot and enters the washroom to wash his face and brush his teeth. With that out of the way, Nikolas fetches a clean pair of clothes from his bad and takes showers in the in the Pokemon Center. According to some of the information he had read last night, trips between cities could take anywhere from five to seven days. If that was true he wanted to make the most of it.

Finally finished showering, Nikolas lightly dries his hair with a towel he brought from home and heads downstairs to the lobby and then out the door. not wanting to take his chances with the trainers today he heads out of town a short distance away to find wild Pokemon for his Pokemon to train on. Orobas had gotten quite the workout yesterday, that meant Loki needed a turn. The Pokedex lesson had mentioned something about keeping teams at 'consistent levels' but most of the terminology flew over his head.

At the outskirts of town he releases Loki and Orobas and smiles. "Good morning."
Your pokemon seem happy to be out and happier to see you. The air is quite still, as only the early wakers are up and about at this time of morning.