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Again, the opponent is always faster than me. I might need to get some aprijuice for him and Nightlock. I guess I'll have to let him close with me.

Piri Piri use that pepper!

Piri Piri breaths in deeply, and belches a huge gout of flame towards the ekans.

[roll]Incinerate AC2 (1d20)[6] Damage (2d10+20)[33] on crit (2d10+8)[21]
The burst of fire melts away whatever berry the Ekans was holding onto, but doesn't seem to do too much else. "It's alright, Venom! Get up close and feast on your foe." The Ekans slinks up to your Darumaka and chomps down on him.

AC 2 (1d20)[6]
Damage: (2d10+20)[33]
Critical: (2d10+8)[21]