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Well, Soldier background seems to be of somehow limited use to... soldiers, or rather classes that already have high BaB, Fighters in particular.
Hmm, most likely. Another idea was to give them 3/4 initiator level for non-martial adept classes, rather than 1/2, but that'd push them into that direction. Not necessarily a bad thing though, I suppose, especially since martial disciplines will likely be abound in the setting.

I think that Rural/naturalist bonus doesn't have to deal with animals necessarily, as it will always be somehow clunky the way 3.5 rules are built...

Maybe some bonus against getting fatigued and similar? As from background generally connected with constant, monotonous physical activity.
Hmm, could be. I'd moreso equate that to fitting better with the Hinterlander. I could do something with a Wis-based skill instead, but the only ones I got for that are... Perception, Sense Motive, Survival, Heal, Profession and Autohypnosis. Still a decent amount, I suppose, but other than Autohypnosis they're all limited, and Autohypnosis would imply inherent psionic power. I could do something unique with Profession instead, but that'd be hard to come up with something good.

Power of Earth seems fine, useful both in combat and outside, but can't get abused easily.

"Ground" needs clarifying, though.
Alright, that's good then. Why do you think it needs clarifying though? Or rather, I can see why maybe, but how? I think it's obvious it cannot be used while they're in the air, or swimming, or climbing a tree, or balancing on a rope (but they could use it while balancing on a slope).

Make it "standing on solid underground" instead?