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Thread: Murphy's Law 8: College? What About It?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alagaesian View Post
    Not starting my classes for another two weeks. Woot. Though, I'm actually going back to school in a few days to begin marching band. This is debatably both worse and better than starting classes. On one hand, I get to spend a week and a half with some of my best friends before school starts. On the other hand, marching is very physically demanding. An average member of the marching band burns about as many calories as a football player over the course of a game.
    I sortta kinda know that feel. Back in highschool I was part of the marching band though not in the way you expect. See I can't play any instrument to save my life and I certainly can't spin flag. No I was there as the tech guy. I got microphones onto the field and made sure everything went right during the show. (Things like extra sound effects, lower the pi mic during the ballad, turn off the solo mic when not in use, it needs to be higher for a flute solo than a trumpet one...) And the at the end I scamble with very little diginity to get it all off the field to avoid time penalties while the band marches proudly off. So while I didn't work as hard as they did per se, I did go to every practice, every show and got to watch them do their thing. Had to know the whole show by sound because if it was raining, me and my equipment were covered in an opaque tarp so that I couldn't see the band. Which is sad because they look so proud and powerful when they give it their all in the rain!

    I also start my classes in two weeks, more like 1 and a half now.
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