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    A small wagon rolls silently through the woods. A warrior walks beside it, a heavy hammer in hand. He is a dwarf, a battle cleric who has seen his share of war. Sitting on the other side of the wagon is a thin elf. He wears armor and carries multiple weapons, but a certain glint in his eyes shows he has more tricks up his sleeve. A halfling dangles his feet off the back of the wagon, his eyes darting around among the other adventurers and their coin purses. Another dwarf sits near him, a naive smile and a couple of warts on his face. At the head of the wagon is a man wearing robes covered in intricate embroidery. He has arranged this trip and gathered the group so that they can make it safely through the woods. You are these adventurers.

    Weary from travel, you were thankful to see the lights of an inn peering out from between the trees. However, upon arriving, you notice something strange. The light you saw is no longer there, the building is falling apart, with rotting wood and crumbling stone, and nobody appears to be inside. With the sun having set and dark clouds rolling in, you have the choice of trying to sleep in the rain or sleeping inside the abandoned inn in the middle of the haunted woods.

    Welcome to the game. As I mentioned before, when posting, type any out-of-character comments and dice rolls inside spoilers. Try to use only one spoiler per post. Each of you must choose a color for your character to speak in, and nobody can choose a color too similar to one that has already been chosen. For example, if someone chooses lime green, then nobody else can choose any other shade of green. Non-player characters will speak in black unless they are very important or have a reason to use a different color.

    This game will be played on hard mode, which means that even foes who have low intelligence scores will use the best tactics I can muster in battle. In addition, if a character dies, there is no chance of bringing him back, unless you come across a fortune and a powerful magic-user. However, the player will have the option of creating a new character of the same level as the rest.

    Your first decision is laid out before you. Discuss and choose your path quickly, for time waits for no adventurer.
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