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Exactly. Harry could either fight the Outside with a couple of Lincoln logs, or massive anti-matter powered superweapon.
You're misinterpreting what I'm saying.

I'm saying those two power sources are fundamentally incompatible. You can't mix them without blowing up the structure (Harry).

Honestly, I hope Harry doesn't take up a Coin. It doesn't seem totally in-character for him. I'd rather he win more on his own skill and power (I was sad enough he took up the Winter Knight mantle, and hope something can be done about that).

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Maybe Harry's rifle is his new staff. That'd be awesome.
While awesome, it's doubtful. Jim said it doesn't have runes or anything, and that it's just a plain-jane .45 Long Colt Winchester Rifle.

I would imagine he'll either make a new staff, or come up with an alternate focus device (maybe something that requires less juggling of items in his hands).