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    Eh, yeah, you're right about the shoes, mainly her right. I was trying to go for more of a front angle, botched it, and for some reason just never fixed it. Ah well.

    I haven't been avataring much lately >.> So lemme show off what I HAVE done.
    First: Robot Cat. Why? Cuz.

    And a few more:
    {table]|Made for the Draw Your Friends Contest, Arkim Elf sunbathing
    |Made for the Draw Your Friends Contest BEFORE I remembered there was supposed to be a theme
    |A Kelpie in Human Form Avatar I made for Elemental
    |Saria! WOO
    |North Ranger in Bedouin gear in time for Desert Week
    |And with face uncovered
    |This is a character I drew for DEB that I need to redo. He was supposed to be like halfling short
    |And another character for DEB [/table]

    And the Nightmare:

    They're Not Real
    Drawn for DEB in the Draw Your Friends next contest, based on the Theme "Just a Dream"
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