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    Default Re: Humans, Dwarves and Jotun, oh my! [Ymaggion Races, PEACH]

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    Interesting. I've honestly never played Dwarf Fortress, but have played Minecraft. However, while the exact mechanics of Ymaggion dwarves as a race are fully new, their cities as they are (Acera especially) were created mostly way back in 2006. Admittably, it took a little while before I made it a dwarven city, rather than a human one, but that was at least pre-2008 still.

    I presume that you are a fan of both games though, and thus do not see the comparison as a negative trait.
    i dont, i like both games, although ive never figured out how to play Slaves to Armok: God of Blood: Chapter 2: Dwarf Fortress sucessfully.

    again, are they Lawful Psychotic like Steve the Miner, or True Psychotic like the beerfueled war engines of Dwarf Fortress?
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