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    Default Re: Humans, Dwarves and Jotun, oh my! [Ymaggion Races, PEACH]

    Quote Originally Posted by Morph Bark View Post
    I'm not sure where they'd fit. I've honestly not thought much on the subject of dwarven morality, though I'd figure maybe only the Mountain Dwarves would stick much to the Dwarf Fortress mentality. Equrun Dwarves are different entirely.

    I've also changed the Equrun Dwarves' bloodline stats, so that they do not gain an animal companion of sorts, though it is still considered dishonourable to them to not own (and ride) a pony.
    no, they fit almost exactly, the only guys who dont really fit are the Duergar (They are Competent) if we are comparing it to DF: The Equaruns are the animal tamers (but the prefered mount is a Bear in DF), the Mountain Dwarves are the entirity of military dwarves, and City Dwarves are the lavasmiths.

    the only thing missing is that Dwarf Fortress Dwarves actually perceive present, past, future, Left, Purple, and Buisenberry, simultaineously.
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