The Indigo Eclipse, the High Lord of the Empire of the Eternal Eclipse was in parts particularly torn by the events transpiring before him. One part of him urged this shattered remnant of a general to be sold for ransom. Another part figured that this was the best thing to do, as to gain interplanetary allies. Those always proved to be invaluable. A small part of him urged to simply kill the dwarf and be done with it.

However most of all, the greatest thought that permeated the great mind of the High Lord, was how much he simply did not care.

If what happened to this man is what they do to their generals, so much so that reputably one of the greatest healers in the multiverse must be summoned to fix whatever ails the dwarf, the magic of that planet is something truly formidable. A planet of warriors, meaning their magic is lacking. If they can do this with their magic, their warriors must truly be something else.

The High Lord knew he had to put aside the tired emotions of parts fear and boredom. Dignitaries of other nations tend to dislike that. He put on the mask of the altruistic sumaritan returning a wayward patient to the hospital. On the bright side, this should be the last few days the High Lord expects to be on this planet. There are no good ingredients to bake anything good anywhere on this forsaken rock.

As promised, the Empire of the Eternal Eclipse and its beneficent sovereign, myself, shall return General Salin unharmed and unconditionally to your custody. He says this facing Usabhar. Hopefully when the damned madman finally snaps, it'll be OUTSIDE EEE territory. I do regret any unnecessary distress the General's absense may have caused. I never held the intention of distressing any possibility of future cooperation between the Empire of the Eternal Eclipse and your world of Wesslorne.

Higher up on one of the balconies overlooking the main chamber, a smaller purple dragon adorned in a myriad of magical devices remains inconspicuous, getting ready to take notes. He doesn't appear to be focusing on the goings-on below, but one of the two unique praetorians overlooking the events is. A massive behemoth of a humanoid form made of some clear crystalline material watches Rahja with WAY more interest than a Golem should ordinarily have. When Rahja turns to look, the Golem turns towards a neutral position in immediate reaction. The other praetorian appears a brass statue in the form of a dragon adopting a human stance. It stands holding a truly massive staff with an overly large head, many components of which hover in position under nothing else except magic. Although it hasn't moved since anyone has seen, one gets the feeling it's not only animate, but the closest a construct can get to actually being alive.


'ere we go. We have the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit creepy golem and the Clockwork Dragon A TOTALLY NORMAL STATUE.