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    Usabhar had wondered how this mess became one across planets, involving being on the territory of an apparently evil dragon ruler no less. The dwarven paragon knew there had to be a warchief among the senate when Usabhar is away for a reason but necromancy was a horrible idea of an answer. He never had a huge fondness for magic and what brought Salin back from the dead has not helped Usabhar's opinion. To mention it in a foreign area would be bad however, especially as the High Lord is considered to be an arcane sorcerer with very few equals.

    looking rather indignant, though bored, the dwarf looks towards the purple dragon at the Governor's Mansion. The dwarf is amazed Salin hasn't been devoured or otherwise removed already. Much of the Indigo Eclipse's rumors have come across Usabhar's ears and he isn't going to simply disregard them. At the least, the dwarf is glad to have Nasiri await up above the mansion in wait. Considering everything about the Empire of the Eternal Eclipse, it probably is not a good idea to let a couatl stay for long. Still this world is quite a fascinating place, much different from the less-shiny Wesslorne that Usabhar is from. Though not quite the most fascinating, Wesslorne is a proud world for it's fighters and it's great silver dragon Keltahkonkmet. Oh how Usabhar wishes he could speak of his deity. Alas, doing so on territory of the Empire of the Eternal Eclipse is shunning the highest of authority in an empire and a crime anyone would agree that should be punished by death.

    It is only when Wero speaks to Usabhar that the dwarf responds. His voice rocky and gruff, almost something more fitting for a Stone Giant than a dwarf. Yet it enforces fearlessness on the dwarf's part. "Very well High Lord. On my part of the deal, General Salin shall be under my custody and shall stay within my kingdom's bounds never again to cause an alarm to your lands. In time we may discuss future opportunities between Wesslorne and the Empire of the Eternal Eclipse."

    Usabhar has made no interest in looking up at the younger purple dragon and his toys, though he wishes to if doing so is rather uncooperative. Instead he looks at Salin, clearly insane and in a dire need of either having his soul restored or getting the hell off this planet before he does anything more dangerous. It's strange how the crazed dwarf is acting. It feels like more than just a lost soul is at work here...

    The dwarf honestly did not believe Salin's soul could be restored. However at the hesitance of a comrade of Wero's, a healer of apparently unequaled odds came to try and do what Usabhar believes is the unthinkable. Looking at the young aasimar, The dwarf could have thought of much at how strikingly beautiful she is... As well as how feeble she looks. An unfortunate side effect to Usabhar is that so many beings he meets looks frail and weak to him. Humans, elves, even those like orcs, gnolls, and ogres just come off as a less-than-sturdy body of flesh. When one asks the dwarf what does it take to be a great warrior, his response is usually "one who isn't your kind." He has judged many people off their strength alone, as per how the dwarves of Kulomen believe. Despite that, he does not let it get in the way of how he should act towards those who seek assistance or are willing to assist.

    Trying to now abide a kinder tone, Usabhar asks the aasimar, "Your assistance is well appreciated. May I ask an introduction to your name?" If there is anything Usabhar wants to avoid, it is a diplomatic incident occurring here.
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