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    Default Re: The Ultimate Conflict (Of Havens and Empires) IC

    For all she knows about the empire, Rahja is glad to see the state this world is in. As she walked the streets with a quiet hum, few needed her aid. Those few she comes across that are among the poorer citizens found themselves sated with but a touch and left with new hope to take their lives into their own hands again. What wounds or diseases she came across were wiped away, plants bloomed with new vitality and those who heard or saw her found their attentions drawn to the aasimar who is barely more than a child, their moods lifted.

    As she passes the entrance, Rahja briefly stops to look at the majestic couatl drifting in the sky as well as the beautiful elven maiden's display, appreciating the masterful motions of the latter, wordlessly greeting her with a smile and a slight bow, so the doesn't disturb her.

    Uninterested in the politics between the leaders present (though respectfully greeting both), it doesn't take Rahja long to truly determine the state her patient is in from what her own eyes see and what the miniscule worlds that float around the young woman in subtle, if enchanting patterns speak off (harmonizing with Corril's tranquil oceans whose waters speak truer of another's troubles than any word could express). What others might see as random insane thoughts, Rahja knows that such things have a cause and a reason of importance to the subject and those who apparently have lost their minds are often able to see what others could not.

    As she was adressed by Usabhar Sigurhavok, Rahja bows. "Rahja Dawncaller. No thanks are necessary, paragon," she answers, her beautiful voice effortlessly combining determination and softness. More curiously, though, is that all who hear her feel like she is also speaking directly to their souls, feeling her voice reach their ears as it seemingly comes from within, too. Despite her youth, Usabhar can see relentless energy within Rahja's silver eyes, but also the look of someone who has seen much, perhaps too much, for her young age.

    The intentions and emotions of those around her are as evident as the spoken word to the aasimar as she quietly focuses back onto Salin, bending her knees enough to be at eye level with him. A soothing expression on her face, she simply states "Be at peace, General Salin. No harm will come from those present. Let me help you find the words you seek." She looks him in the eyes for another moment in silence, wordlessly telling him that she means it, before turning to Usabhar. "As part of his soul is within you, paragon, you will also be affected by what I am about to do in order to make General Salin whole again. No harm will come to you and you will not be changed in any way."

    Looking at Salin, Rahja clears her mind for a short moment in silence. Normally, it takes a bit of time to weave the power necessary to restore others with all of her power, but if she can do so, Rahja prefers to strip the whole process down to what is truly important. She brings her hands together, moving them as if she was safely holding something small and precious between, and as she does so, she pronounces a single word.

    "Vias." Though it sounds like a simple thing to say, those who look deeper find the pronounciation and the sheer intent and meaning needed to say it properly being almost impossible to grasp. It is from the tongue of Creation itself, an obscure word even among it's nigh infinite number of terms for everything good.

    The healer's sheer magical power sweeps through Salin and Usabhar in an indescribably soothing, yet almost euphoric sensation, their bodies and minds freed from all ails and scars, returned to full health. In addition, Rahja's power suffuses Salin's soul as well as Usabhar's, working to make the general's very essence whole again by fitting the pieces together and replace what was lost. Brilliant light erupts from Rahja in the process and engulfs both of her targets, accompanied by a deep, harmonious hum and a song always at the edge of hearing.

    When she is done after a mere moment, the light dissipates, leaving shining motes of relaxing light in the air that slowly disperse and wink out of existance. All that remains is silence, Rahja's hair and the rugged red scarf around her shoulders ever so softly billowing in an unfelt wind like it has before.

    Rahja casts her epic healing spell. She takes 10 on the Spellcraft check due to her Jack of All Trades bard class feature and uses her Superior Healing feature from Font of Life to cut the cast time down to an immediate action and allow her to cast it at range (mostly for effect).

    I consider scenes between fights as encounters for purposes of encounter-based class abilities like Superior Healing. Please correct me if that is wrong.

    Salin and Usabhar are healed of all diseases, blindness, deafness, hit point damage, temporary ability damage, ability drain, negative levels (even permanent ones that are no older than 20 weeks), feeblemindedness and all mental disorders caused by spells or injuries to the brain. All poisons are neutralized and all magical effects that penalize the target's abilities, even spells and epic spells of the afflict seed, are dispelled.

    edit: Also, Rahja takes 10 on Sense Motive to read the surface thoughts of the prince and praetorians up above. I'm not sure who the "interested" golem is supposed to be, though.
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