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    So, third time is the charm. After a few attempts at world building I feel I've finally hit what I wanted to create. I've tried creating two setting previously, or in that case the same setting at two different levels of magi-tech and now started from scratch and made the world I want to make.

    Things I need input on....
    • Races: Are these balanced and can anyone recommend more variant humans?
    • Gods and Goddesses: Is the pantheon of any great quality so far? Is there any missing segments? Ideally these are supposed to be deities for an agricultural society irrigating what is mostly arid land. I am just wondering if that theme is met well.
    • Theme: Over all theming? So far does it feel like I'm heading in the right direction or no?
    • Input on how to do Knowledge checks in this setting. So far, Knowledge (Religion) is shaping up to be an OP knowledge since most of these societies laws (Knowledge(Local)) and History are recorded in religious texts.
    • Under people and places a good amount of description exists for the cultures. Wondering if the detail given is good enough? Solid description? Interesting?
    • I need some input on specific feats, especially ones to spice up the alternative humans.
    • General Input.

    The Concept
    The world is young, or at least it seems to be. The concept for this setting is very much drawn from the historical real world, and the epic mythological texts and stories of it, Conan the Barbarian, and other low fantasy settings. The idea is a Human centric world with diverse conflicting ethnic groups, languages and cultures, but not necessarily a whole host of exotic races. Mainly I've focused on a region called the Inan.

    The Land between the Rivers, or the Inan as the natives call it is a largely flat, huge river valley. With two mighty rivers flowing through it, most of the green fertile land sits at its banks or between the rivers. This land is populated by several ethnic groups and languages, multiple divided city states, kingdoms and fiefdoms and a diverse and sometimes conflicting series of religions, Gods, Demons and Fey creatures. Beyond the Inan is mostly wasteland. To its west is the Deserts of Vab and to the East the Aserian Wastes, to the North is the Rhondesh Mountain range and the south is the Sea of Dilmund. Beyond those areas are other areas with their own ethnic groups, languages, religions, countries ect. The Inan is situated at the crossroads of trade between the far East and West and South and thus is a rich land. Unlike traditional D&D/Pathfinder this is inspired more by the ancient Iron Age Middle East then the dark ages of Europe. In fact the direct inspiration is the Ancient Near and Middle East, specifically Fertile Crescent. Obviously I draw heavily from the source, Middle Eastern ancient mythology and stories form the backbone of this setting, so references to the region, to stories pulled from Sumeria, Babylon, Canaan and the Old Testament will be dotting this specific area of the setting.

    Nuts and Bolts
    - Races (...or lack of)
    - Classes
    - Equipment & Magic
    - Economics
    - Cosmology
    - Skills
    - Feats

    The Land Between the Rivers
    - Gods and Goddesses
    - People and Places
    - Languages
    - History

    - Continents, Regions, Countries
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