For the most part, every standard Pathfinder class is avaliable, however a few are not. Partly for personal taste reasons, partly for flavor, partly because the technology of that class does not yet exist. For the most part every class is avaliable save for a few.


The above are the approved classes, an explenation is obviously in order... Part of it is personal taste.

Summoners, For one, there are already Wizards who can conjur. Second, the game action economy becomes a bit harder to deal with as it is with Wizards summoning.

Druids, Almost purely a personal taste thing. Nature magic is sort of the domain of Gods, Fey, and Clerics, Wizards and Witches surve as nice Priests and Priestess of the natural world.

Paladin, yeah I know, wouldn't a holy zealot fit wonderfully? Yes and no. As I'll get to below, Alignment is practically non-existant in this world of mine. More over, I'd prefer Paladin be a roleplay thing, then a game mechanics thing. I know, completely my personal taste but it is what it is.

Gunslinger, well this is an obvious one, though considering the presence of alchemists, one does question me on this. The actual technology for rifles is not yet available, where as alchemists and skilled apothecaries have always existed.


Alignment is tricky. That tyrannical king? Well did you know he gives out bread to the poor and decrees that slaves be treated justly and freed after 7 years of labor? Sure he has a police force casting Geas on everyone to ensure obediance and patriotism... but come on man!

Alignment is practically non existant for mortals. Words like Angel, Devil, Demon, Evil Spirit, Holy Spirit, all are mostly words used by mortals to describe the forces from beyond that act on the world of mortals. Effectivelly the Lawful and Chaos, Good and Evil subtypes do not really exist.

Angels and Devils are effectively the same thing. The spawn of Gods and Goddesses meant to do their bidding. These beings are defined by their divine nature, and the fact that generally none were ever human or mortal but were created by Gods and Goddesses as immortal (Live forever, not unkillable though) beings.

Demons are unaligned creatures in the world beyond the material one. Unbound by Gods, they roam the planes doing as they please. Some were angels whom have fallen, some were devils whom have broken free, some were once mortal people whose form has changed in the afterlife. Some are imprisoned in hellish realms.

Spells like Protection from Evil, Magical circle against evil or its corrilary, Magical circle against Good, Protection from Good would become Protection from Devil/Angel, Magic Circle against Devil/Angel. Likewise there is Magic Circle against Demons, and Protection from Demon.

Subtypes like Lawful, Chaotic, Good and Evil are substituted as...

Lawful, Good = Angel

Lawful, Evil = Devil

Chaotic, Evil = Demon (Though Demons are not inherently destined to be evil