Equipment & Magic

While this is ostensibly a Pathfinder game, obviously for the purposes of flavor and niftyness, many things from other sources like 3.5 are used.

Armor and Weapons that are banned, generally consist of things like Chain Shirts, Rifles, and Crossbows. For rogues, arrangements can be made to replace those on his or her weapon list.

However Spells, Gear, Armor, Weapons and Enchants (...For the most part) from the following books are definitely allowed. Sandstorm, Stormwrack and Frostburn.

Why? Well in the Inan, a wizard that can turn into sand, turn people into pillars of salt and transmute sand into glass fits the setting. Likewise other climate zones might have similar need for flavor spells, items ect.

Limits of Magic

The limits of magic are as follows, these spells and spells that do this are banned or changed.

  1. Create Water: Why? Because creating water is near godlike, especially in the Inan where it is a desert for the most part. Only deities can actually cast this spell.
  2. Resurrection: Limited to time, place, and the need to use Incantations (Alla Unearthed Arcana). There is a substantial chance that the dead will not come back as they did in life. That will end up with a curse from the Gods, that legions of mindless dead will raise. More or less, Death is meant to be a one way trip. Very few can be raised from the dead and restored to life. Perhaps undead, but pulling a Lazarus does in fact require a miracle or the spell Miracle/Wish.
  3. Purify Food and Drink: Just do not like them.
  4. Poison food and drink: Just do not like them.
  5. Create Food: Again, Godlike.

Magic Items

This involves the most DM fiat. Magic items are meant to be rarer, more difficult to acquire, and generally more awesome. Generally this means, not every single little thorp and hamlet will have the town enchanter. In fact, those who can themselves enchant are fairly few and far between, the enchants they can perform are few and far between. And often gaining magic items requires either a bargain with a deity, fey spirit, or an enchanter who crafts the item but then tells you what you have to do or sacrifice to make it magic.

In conjunction with this, many monsters that have damage reduction that only magic can overcome, I've altered to have some other form of damage reduction. Likewise oils of magic weapon are more commonplace allowing temporary enchantments upon items.