Rahja steadies herself as the earthquake happens. The timing can't be a coincidence. No time to waste. Rahja turns to Usabhar and the High Lord, but also looks up to the prince and his retinue. "I was able to hear General Salin's madness before I casted the spell. It tried to communicate and defend itself from my magic, fearing that I would kill it and that something cataclysmic would come to this world at any moment, among other things. The timing is too telling to be ignored. Prepare yourselves. I will meet you outside." Her voice is precise, quick, to the point. "Vult." Turning around, Rahja suddenly disappears, teleporting right to where she had seen the elven maiden practice.

She has seen a great many things in her life (well, probably less than many other powerful and old beings, but still), yet she has never witnessed a broken sky. How does one best approach something like this. Rahja's mind wanders towards evacuation. If what I heard is indeed true, less than an hour won't be enough.

Turning to the elf, Rahja can sense the pure good and drive towards freedom flow from her, as well as sensing a powerful mind that befits someone with such masterful abilities like she had demonstrated before. "Rahja Dawncaller," the young aasimar quickly introduces herself, offering a hand to help her onto her feet as a gesture of trust. "It seems we have work to do."