Hah. Gotta love the element of surprise. The overall snippet is well written, and I really like the portrayal of your demon lord. Nice work.

Meanwhile, my snippet's party continues to have poor fortune: having their lives and souls at risk isn't bad enough, now their minds are as well!

The mirror in my head

Ever since I drew that thrice-cursed Void card, I've been fighting to keep my sanity. First torture, then dreams...but now I'm having visions in waking hours. Only...they may not be...

Suffice to say, I am concerned for my mental health.

The old man left just after dropping us off. This place has a reputation for driving inhabitants mad, one he had no interest in testing. We weren't much concerned. However, the tower isn't here. The compass points to the center of town, but it isn't there, above or below. So, we began to search for the guardian.

The town is long since deserted, so it was merely a question of searching until we found it, or it found us. The first thing of note was that I began to hear music outside an old tavern...and Kol, whose ears are far sharper, didn't.

We walked into the place, and I found myself alone, and misplaced. You see, as I passed the doorway, I entered the tavern in days when it was lively and populated.

I took a seat, and a drink, and thought about what to do next. Perhaps half an hour later, I glanced up from my drink to see a woman that matched Aileph's dream-woman...for a mere instant before I found myself in the tavern as it is now. The dust of years was thick around me, no foot prints to show me walking there, no tracks in the table where I had lifted and set my mug...the mug itself had aged in my hand.

My compatriots returned later. As far as they were concerned, I had disappeared. They both spoke of seeing the dream-woman in mirrors, and that she had murdered their reflections. I took their word for it. My account was stranger, no doubt.

We continued our search, finding nothing until we turned back toward the docks. We saw the ocean was red, and it flooded toward us. I was carried away, again, on a wave of blood. I sat up in the town center, with no sign of what had brought my there.

Looking back, it seems like 'Something' wanted me separate from my allies...

I went in search of them, this time. But when I turned the corner, the walls had changed. They were all mirrors, and there was the dream-woman, drawing a knife across 'my' throat.

The mirrors disappeared...but no other mirror I found showed me in them.

I caught up with my allies...again...and we went to investigate a building...and I got separated.


For a refreshing novelty, I was grabbed by something physical rather than...whatever the other things were. Of course, being grabbed by someone from the other side of a mirror may still qualify...

I found myself in, of all things, what looked like a young girl's nursery. The red woman was there, only...not. 'She' is a twin. It seems that either of them can grab someone from the 'true' world...but the other decides where they come out.

Yin, as she calls herself, explained this over tea. But there is much to do tomorrow, and I need sleep. More on this later.