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in philly they just beat on reid no matter what :P
They're also quick to find a team goat and relentlessly pound the poor guy. I'm of the opinion that replacing Vick with McNabb turned out to a horrible decision if for no other reason than the fanbase now has no one person to ritually burn in effigy at the completion of each year.

As an aside, I have to note that things have really come together for me this year. Unlike most NFL fans, I never learned my fandom from family or from geographic loyalty; my father wasn't a fan, and my hometown was somewhere between 800-1000 miles from the nearest franchise. So I quite literally became a fan of the first NFL team I watched when I saw the San Francisco 49ers play opening day of the 1990 season. Before you ask, no I did not become a fan because of Joe Montana. I became a fan because of Ronnie Lott. But because I was learning the game while I was watching my team, I became a fan of a type of play (smashmouth run-based play combined with stout defense) that was not at all what my team was associated with.

Flash forward twenty years and a grueling decade that really tried my loyalty to my team, and I finally have a winning squad that, lucky me, now plays the kind of football I love to watch. It's like a little special present from Jim Harbaugh to me for putting up with the Niners through all those years of flailing about.